Christopher Massey Legal Video is the premier legal video provider for the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.  We are committed to providing top quality video services to our legal community. From video depositions to post-production and more, CMLV is able to provide the services you need to succeed. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, and efficient in the way we conduct business. We work closely with court reporters to ensure that the record is captured accurately. 


Complete Deposition Solutions


Video Depositions:  The biggest drawback to a written transcript is that it cannot show a witness's demeanor, body language and sighs, which can be very telling. The video deposition has fast become the most powerful tool an attorney can have during discovery and at trial.  We are fully equipped with the latest digital cameras and multimedia tools to capture depositions, mediations, and arbitrations. 

Multi-Input HD Picture in Picture Depositions:  Show the exhibit and witness interaction simultaneously.  We can accommodate multiple sources at once.  Document cameras, iPads, iPhones, laptop screens, DVD's or practically any other video source can be incorporated into your witness' testimony. 

 In addition to depositions, we are also fully equipped and capable of providing:

  • Mobile Video Conferencing / Video Streaming
  • Document Cameras and Projectors
  • Transcript Synchronization
  • Video Editing
  • Day-in-the-Life and Settlement Documentaries

Free Online Educational Video Series


Over the years we've trained numerous new legal videographers.  One of the challenges we've always faced was finding quality training materials that were not only affordable, but also delivered great results.  After numerous disappointments in our search, we decided to develop our own.  Not only have we been using this program in-house to teach our videographers the basic set-up and procedures for filming legal depositions,  we've also allowed several other local firms to use it to train their newly hired videographers.

After having success with this program in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, we've decided to release it as a free resource for anyone interested in starting a career in legal video.  We believe the entire industry benefits by having affordable quality training resources available for anyone interested in learning more about this career.  Click Here to Watch Them All


Serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee


We operate mostly in and around the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area.
However, we do travel outside of our immediate area, including locations such as:

Memphis, TN
Chattanooga, TN
Knoxville, TN
Birmingham, AL
Huntsville, AL
Lexington, KY
Louisville, KY

*Please contact us for details on recording depositions outside of our immediate area


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