Guide To Legal Video - Chapter 7: Certification

The number one question most people ask when considering a career in legal video is: “Do I need to be certified?” The answer is no. Certification is not a requirement. The National Court Reporters Association does offer a certification program to videographers a couple of times a year. The certification program is pretty expensive and usually involves additional costs including travel and hotel stays. They also require you to pay a hefty sum annually to renew your certification.

The biggest benefit to becoming certified through the National Court Reporters Association is being listed in their directory of certified legal video specialists. Attorneys and paralegals may use this directory to find and hire a legal videographer. Although, try to remember that printed directories were used a lot more frequently before the advent of the internet. In today’s world, you may get a better return out of creating a professional-looking website and just marketing yourself instead.

There are also a few for-profit business that offer their own version of certification as well… but be wary! A few of those are scams posing as legitimate certification.

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