Free Online Educational Video Series

Over the years we've trained numerous new legal videographers.  One of the challenges we have always faced is finding quality training materials that were not only affordable, but also delivered great results.  After numerous disappointments in our search, we decided to develop our own.  Not only have we been using this program in-house to teach our videographers the basic set-up and procedures for filming legal depositions,  we've also allowed several other local firms to use it to train their newly hired videographers.

After having success with this program in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, we've decided to release it as a free resource for anyone interested in starting a career in legal video.  We believe the entire industry benefits by having affordable quality training resources available for anyone interested in learning more about this career.

Naturally, a 40 minute online video isn't going to teach you everything you possibly need to know for every situation you may face at a deposition, but we think it's a great starting point and introduction to the world of legal videography.  Once you've completed watching each chapter, we encourage you to continue your education by speaking with attorneys, court reporters, and even offering to shadow existing legal videographers within your community. 

Watch Now:

**New video equipment is introduced frequently and even though some of the gear used in this training video is no longer available (it was filmed a few years ago) the basic principles and techniques for recording depositions still apply today.

Legal Videographer Paperwork Samples:

For any deposition, there are numerous forms you should bring you with for accurate record keeping.  We've added a free download link to samples of the ones that are most commonly used.

Free Download: Legal Videographer Paperwork Samples (2.04MB)